Backyard fun…

28 Jan

I love when we do projects in the back yard because not only do we build stuff but my roomie throws the ball for me too…

Thats me keeping an eye on that tree…we’re now going to cut it up for backyard campfires.

I love hiking…

19 Jan

I remember I could hardly keep up with my roommate back then…Now I’m always waiting for him..

Remembering my puppy days…

19 Jan

Getting my roommate exercise….

29 Dec

I know my roommate needs lots of exercise to be healthy so everyday i bring him the ball so he can get off the couch and get outside and throw the ball.

I miss summer already…

22 Dec

Thinking back to those sunny days at the beach. Did I meantion I’m obsessed with orange balls…

Oh ya… thats my other roommate… I think Atticus took a great picture.

Its snowing, yeah!!!

20 Dec

If you see this cat… run!

20 Dec


Its fun being friends with Atticus but I try not to make him mad because he scares me … Just look at those eyes!